Sidewalk Inventory Project

As part of our Sidewalk Inventory project, we collected data around Monona Terrace and the capital building here in Madison, WI with the Maverick secured to a Segway.

Sidewalks are a difficult area to inventory, because narrow passages and pedestrian traffic make it difficult to use traditional mapping platforms, such as vehicles. Our custom Segway mount allows us to navigate the sidewalks and ensure the safety of pedestrians, all while gathering a very valuable urban dataset. Attaching the Maverick mount to the Segway and securing Maverick is a simple process that takes approximately 20 minutes.

The three mile route we collected went along the Capital City bike trail, up around the capital, and back down to Monona Terrace. We also collected the rooftop garden of Monona Terrace, and the pedestrian areas around the capital. The entire route was collected twice, which took a little over an hour on the Segway.

The Maverick’s small, compact size allows us to use Maverick for a wide range of projects and applications. “Two days ago we were using Maverick to collect in the Navajo desert, then the next day we collected on the Vegas Strip, and today we collected the capital building in Madison, WI on a Segway. That’s portable. That’s super portable,” says Sean McHone, lead designer of Maverick.

Maverick’s First Sales Tour

We are excited to announce John Caya is beginning the first Maverick sales tour next week! Over the course of four days, John will be visiting six companies in Texas who showed interest early on in Maverick’s development.

Maverick sales tours and demonstrations are one-of-a-kind. While other companies show a video of data they have previously collected and post-processed, we bring the system to our clients and assist them in collecting sample data locally. In this way, we are able to share data that is recognizable and familiar to them, and also demonstrate the Maverick’s high quality data.

Trips like this are possible because of how portable the Maverick is. Maverick comes with a compact shipping case, which can easily be checked as luggage for flights. Once John arrives, he will select a rental car with a roof rack, and from there it’s a simple matter to secure the Maverick to the vehicle and drive off to the first of six demonstrations.

Contact us to schedule a demo near you!

Maverick Visits Dallas & Houston

Maverick’s first sales tour is off to a good start, despite Mother Nature trying to hold us back! Unfortunately, LiDAR technology does not operate correctly in the rain, so the rainy conditions in the Dallas and Houston areas for the past few days have been a hindrance. We aren’t letting that stop us though! So far, John and Maverick have driven 362 miles in Texas, and visited multiple railway inventory organizations in the areas of Dallas and Houston.

We have also visited HTS Advanced Solutions. HTS Advanced Solutions is a leading 3D Scanning & Metrology equipment rental company, based in Houston, TX. They lease the most up-to-date 3D Scanning & Metrology equipment worldwide, and provide hands-on training programs and global technical support 24/7. We are hoping that HTS Advanced Solutions will be providing Mavericks for rent in the near future.

There are another 200 miles for John and Maverick to travel today to reach their next destination.

Goodbye Houston! Here we come San Antonio!

Wrapping Up Our Sales Tour

John and Maverick arrived safely in San Antonio on Wednesday evening. Thursday morning, John visited T. Baker Smith. T. Baker Smith operates in a wide variety of markets, including Pipelines, Oil & Gas Exploration, Industrial, Land Development, Public Works, and Offshore projects, providing integrated professional solutions and survey equipment.

From San Antonio, he traveled to Austin, and then to College Station to visit a few companies in the transportation industry. Friday called an end to our very first Maverick Sales Tour, with John traveling back to Dallas to catch his flight home to Wisconsin.

One exciting aspect of our sales tour was the variety of companies we were able to visit. The Maverick is a great tool to use in collecting data in many different markets, including Rail, Sidewalks, Roadway Assets, Urban Assets, Utilities, Modeling, and more. The Maverick’s portability is a great asset, making it flexible in how it’s put to use. Maverick weighs only 23 pounds and can be mounted to just about anything.

If you would like to visit our office or schedule a Maverick demo near you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always willing to go the extra mile to demonstrate our products, software, and processes.

Scanning Trees for Sustainable Architecture

Here at Mandli, we’re involved with quite a few different projects. We often receive unique and unusual requests, and we’re never afraid to try something new.

About four months ago, we received one of these unique requests, and met with WholeTrees to discuss their needs. WholeTrees is a local Wisconsin company that engineers cost-efficient, sustainable structural systems for commercial and residential buildings using whole trees, which are low or no-value cullings of sustainably managed forests.

WholeTrees approached us about using the Maverick’s 3D LiDAR technology to scan trees in Tenney Park for use in the construction of Festival Foods on East Washington Avenue (Madison). The target trees in Tenney Park were urban ash trees that needed to be removed due to the Emerald Ash Borer.

The Emerald Ash Borer is an exotic and destructive beetle from Asia that feeds on the spongy layer of tissue just beneath the bark of ash trees. Their feeding destroys the tree’s tissue and the ability to move nutrients back and forth from the roots to the rest of the tree. Once infected by the Emerald Ash Borer, the tree starves and eventually dies.

The City of Madison targeted the trees needing to be cut down due to the Emerald Ash Borer infestation. Instead of destroying infected trees, WholeTrees provided a solution: use them in the construction of a new building. Using the entire tree, rather than it being chopped up or mulched, retains the tree’s natural strength (50% stronger than a comparably sized milled timber). WholeTrees, Mandli Communications, and Festival Foods teamed up to make this vision a reality.

As you can imagine, finding a tree that will fit perfectly inside your carefully crafted engineering plans is no easy task. In the past, WholeTrees has had to cut down each tree they were interested in, bring them to their warehouse, and scan each tree. Instead, we were able to drive a vehicle equipped with Maverick down the park trails and collect an interactive 3D point cloud, which allowed WholeTrees to easily identify which trees fit the needs of their project. This process proved to be much more time efficient and cost effective than the previous method. Eventually, WholeTrees and Mandli hope to create an inventory of trees that can be harvested as needed. According to WholeTrees co-founder, Roald Gundersen, “We’re developing an online catalogue of trees, from urban and rural forests, which can be pre-engineered, and made available to foresters for posting trees for sale, and building professionals as a new structural design medium.”

Festival Foods will be the first grocer to use round-timber columns, beams, and trusses as an engineered structural system. The 57,000 square foot structure will use 30 to 40 tons of urban ash trees saved from the City of Madison.

Maverick Returns to the Southwest

Mandli is excited to once again be returning to the southwest to provide onsite demonstrations of our Maverick system. With high-resolution imaging, high-definition LiDAR, and a portable design, we believe Maverick is the perfect solution for many mobile transportation applications.

With several state contracts in the area, we enjoy visiting the region and we are excited to be showing this technology to potential new customers.

If you would like to schedule your own onsite demo, please contact us at

Maverick Goes Off-Road in New Mexico

Our New Mexico trip was a success, but it didn’t come without a few bumps in the road.

On day one, we met with our first group: Wilson & Company and Navajo DOT. A lot of great questions were asked about the different ways Maverick could be utilized for their various departments. That’s one of the great things about the Maverick; it can be used in many different ways to collect whatever data you’d like. Highways, sidewalks, rails, bike paths: you name it, Maverick can do it!

After the demonstration, we drove up to Shiprock and Farmington to collect routes specified by the Navajo DOT. We went off-road for most of the collection (gravel, rocks, and sand), but it was nothing the Maverick couldn’t handle!

On day two, we visited our partners at the New Mexico DOT. Our presentation went great, and they were surprised to see such a versatile product. NMDOT wanted some bike paths collected, but a full-sized vehicle wouldn’t fit down the path. We were able to remove the Maverick mount from our vehicle and adapt it to mount onto their UTV. Luckily, our engineer had sent us along with a back up power cord to plug into a car battery, just in case. We mounted the Maverick to the UTV and collected the bike paths, finishing just before it started raining.

As we call an end to our second Maverick tour, we’re very pleased with all of the positive feedback we’ve been receiving.

If you would like to schedule an onsite demonstration near you, please contact

Maverick – The Smart Choice

Here at Mandli, we are all about change and innovation. That’s why we recently purchased not one, not two, but THREE Smart cars!

Everyone’s seen a Smart car; they’re compact (seating only two passengers) and have a low center of gravity. This translates into a light, easy to handle, and energy-efficient vehicle. In fact, Smart cars are one of the most environmentally friendly cars out there. The material that makes up the dash is made from recycled synthetics, and 95% of the vehicle is actually recyclable. Smart cars are incredibly fuel-efficient, and can get up to 60 miles per gallon.

We purchased Smart cars because of the smaller footprint they leave behind, and because of their fuel efficiency.

We’re planning on sending these Smart cars all around the country to assist us with the logistics of large-scale data collection projects. However, we’ve also discovered what a great platform the Smart car makes for our Maverick data collection system. Our Maverick was designed to be portable, powerful, and efficient, similar to the ideas behind the Smart car. They’ve made a great match for many of our local projects. It just goes to show how Maverick works on any vehicular platform.

Keep an eye out for our Smart cars as they deploy across the country!

Maverick Goes to Hollywood

Currently, the Mandli team is in Hollywood making a proposal to use the Maverick as a source of original material to create computer graphics for the movie industry. The Maverick demonstration is being performed on several mobile platforms, including a Segway. The purpose of this presentation is to show a different method that reduces the time it takes to get from capture to workflow by a factor of 10. The team is also gathering point clouds from several well-known landmarks to show the power, speed, and accuracy of the platform.