Sidewalk Inventory Project

As part of our Sidewalk Inventory project, we collected data around Monona Terrace and the capital building here in Madison, WI with the Maverick secured to a Segway.

Sidewalks are a difficult area to inventory, because narrow passages and pedestrian traffic make it difficult to use traditional mapping platforms, such as vehicles. Our custom Segway mount allows us to navigate the sidewalks and ensure the safety of pedestrians, all while gathering a very valuable urban dataset. Attaching the Maverick mount to the Segway and securing Maverick is a simple process that takes approximately 20 minutes.

The three mile route we collected went along the Capital City bike trail, up around the capital, and back down to Monona Terrace. We also collected the rooftop garden of Monona Terrace, and the pedestrian areas around the capital. The entire route was collected twice, which took a little over an hour on the Segway.

The Maverick’s small, compact size allows us to use Maverick for a wide range of projects and applications. “Two days ago we were using Maverick to collect in the Navajo desert, then the next day we collected on the Vegas Strip, and today we collected the capital building in Madison, WI on a Segway. That’s portable. That’s super portable,” says Sean McHone, lead designer of Maverick.

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