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Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Mandli is an industry leader in specialized highway data collection and the integration of 3D pavement technology, mobile LiDAR, and geospatial data collection equipment for various Departments of Transportation throughout the United States. Together with a suite of supporting GIS software and services, Mandli has enabled their clients to design, manage and maintain safe and efficient transportation infrastructure networks.

Since 1983, Mandli has worked with over 30 states across the country, and has brought technology solutions to several nations outside of the U.S. Mandli functions exclusively from the Wisconsin office, and all data is processed and reduced in-house.

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Maverick is a portable, powerful, and proven spatial data collection system. Combining high-resolution 360º  imaging, high-definition LiDAR, and an integrated position and orientation system, Maverick is capable of efficient and accurate mobile data collection. The portable system is able to operate in a wide range of conditions and can be utilized for projects of any size and scope.

System operation is simple and intuitive, requiring only one person to collect and review the data. The included collection software features real-time component feedback and data viewing functionality, allowing for data to be easily collected and quality checked in-field. Maverick also comes packaged with robust viewing and asset management software for putting your data to use.

For more information about Maverick, email maverick@mandli.com. For information about our other services, email info@mandli.com.