Military Installation

Mandli is able to deploy a data collection vehicle anytime during the year to collect a complete range of pavement testing data. The systems include high resolution right-of-way imaging, transverse and longitudinal pavement profiles, digital downward imaging, and GPS data. The system can collect automated data in a matter of a few days and can be processed using Mandli software for a pavement management program including PCI and distress ratings. Once the data has been used, it can be archived to use for analysis and comparison for future data collection cycles.

  • Day or nighttime collection (excluding right-of-way imaging)
  • Consistent data collection in all lighting conditions
  • 100% pavement coverage of all roadways or runways
  • All data collected and integrated with GPS
  • Data can be formatted to fit any pavement management software


Pavement damage liability is a growing concern for those involved in industries that require the repeated transport of large loads over federal, state, and local roads. Mandli offers a comprehensive solution to such organizations that are concerned about being held responsible for costly pavement repairs. Using a vehicular-based data collection system, Mandli is able to collect pavement condition data for every road involved with the project both before the beginning of the transportation phase, and after the project is completed. Then, Mandli is able to provide an analysis of the data showing how much damage, if any, the transporting organization caused, and estimate what any repairs would cost.

  • Initial pavement data collection phase before the transportation of materials and equipment begins
  • Optional mid-project data collection phase to ascertain if any pavement damage has occured
  • Final data collection phase to gather all pavement condition data after the project is completed
  • Pavement data comparison performed by Mandli