Sign Retroreflectivity Data

Mandli’s mobile RetroView system allows for the collection of retroreflectivity data from a moving vehicle traveling within the flow of traffic. The system provides a fast and safe method of collection; no personnel are required to exit the vehicle at any time to measure sign attributes, reducing the risk of injury to both the working personnel and the traveling public.

Other retroreflectivity measurement methods do not provide the advantages of RetroView. Nighttime sign inspections lack accuracy and provide no data for quality assurance. Handheld retroreflectometers are a slow method of data collection, and often put personnel in hazardous positions. Blanket sign replacements are not cost effective and do not produce an accurate sign inventory.

Mandli’s RetroView system provides solid data as to the state of each individual sign, allowing for the implementation of a precision sign replacement plan. A sign management database can be developed that inventories all of the collected sign inspection data, and includes management tools to track maintenance requirements, schedules, and budgets.

  • Collection of retroreflectivity data from a mobile system
  • No need for handheld reflectometers or nighttime inspection
  • Increases safety of data collection process

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