NCAT Certification

In 2019, Mandli achieved the unique distinction of being the first technology company to get its data collection vehicle certified at the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) for two of its pavement scanning systems, LCMS-1 and LCMS-2.

X35 Data Collection Vehicle

Mandli introduced its newest Data Collection Vehicle, the X35 in 2018. Equipped with the latest technology for pavement scanning and LiDAR for asset information, the X35 comes with 9 cameras, each with a resolution of 80 megapixels per image, at rates up to 500 frames per mile, and provides 360-degree image coverage.

History Event – Began using Mobile LiDAR

In the pursuit for better asset inventory and vertical clearance measurements, Mandli came upon Velodyne LiDAR. Mandli integrated Velodyne LiDAR to create high-resolution 3D pointclouds, which gave the ability to identify and extract a wide variety of assets, and perform horizontal and vertical clearance measurements in one pass of the collection vehicle.

History Event – Developed Linescan Pavement Imaging System

Up until this point, pavement distress was collected via windshield survey or area scan cameras pointed down at the pavement. To get a better view of the pavement, Mandli developed the linescan system, which integrated two linescan cameras with laser illumination, allowing for continuous pavement imaging.