Maverick – The Smart Choice

Here at Mandli, we are all about change and innovation. That’s why we recently purchased not one, not two, but THREE Smart cars!

Everyone’s seen a Smart car; they’re compact (seating only two passengers) and have a low center of gravity. This translates into a light, easy to handle, and energy-efficient vehicle. In fact, Smart cars are one of the most environmentally friendly cars out there. The material that makes up the dash is made from recycled synthetics, and 95% of the vehicle is actually recyclable. Smart cars are incredibly fuel-efficient, and can get up to 60 miles per gallon.

We purchased Smart cars because of the smaller footprint they leave behind, and because of their fuel efficiency.

We’re planning on sending these Smart cars all around the country to assist us with the logistics of large-scale data collection projects. However, we’ve also discovered what a great platform the Smart car makes for our Maverick data collection system. Our Maverick was designed to be portable, powerful, and efficient, similar to the ideas behind the Smart car. They’ve made a great match for many of our local projects. It just goes to show how Maverick works on any vehicular platform.

Keep an eye out for our Smart cars as they deploy across the country!

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