Maverick’s First Sales Tour

We are excited to announce John Caya is beginning the first Maverick sales tour next week! Over the course of four days, John will be visiting six companies in Texas who showed interest early on in Maverick’s development.

Maverick sales tours and demonstrations are one-of-a-kind. While other companies show a video of data they have previously collected and post-processed, we bring the system to our clients and assist them in collecting sample data locally. In this way, we are able to share data that is recognizable and familiar to them, and also demonstrate the Maverick’s high quality data.

Trips like this are possible because of how portable the Maverick is. Maverick comes with a compact shipping case, which can easily be checked as luggage for flights. Once John arrives, he will select a rental car with a roof rack, and from there it’s a simple matter to secure the Maverick to the vehicle and drive off to the first of six demonstrations.

Contact us to schedule a demo near you!

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