Sign Assets

Turning Data into Usable Information

Access to usable sign data can help DOT staff in different divisions across the organization. With a LiDAR dataset, Mandli Communications is able to identify and provide information on signs that is useful for planning, safety, reporting, and maintenance needs.

Type of Information we Provide

In general, below is the type of information we can provide:

  • Type of sign (ex: MUTCD Code description)
  • Physical condition of the sign face and assembly
  • Overhead sign location and support type
  • All attributes of the sign face and the assembly

The Details

Among the details we provide:

  • MUTCD code with a description of the code type, such as “speed limit”
  • Height and width of the sign face measured in inches
  • Condition of the sign rated as good, fair, or poor
  • Position of the sign on the roadway, such as “left, median, overhead, right, T-intersection, or other”
  • Type of sign backing, such as “flatsheet or extruded”
  • Sign legend for information on non-standard state DOT MUTCD signs
  • Type of sign, whether it is metal, wood, or another material
  • Number of signs assigned to a single assembly, and how many are in your total dataset
  • Mount type for each sign
  • Mount material for each sign, whether the mounting is metal, wood, or another material

For more information on how Mandli can customize a solution to fit your agency's needs, please reach out to one of our representatives for more information.


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