Advanced Asset Management and Visualization

Mandli’s LiDAR data collection system creates an accurate three-dimensional model of a scanned environment in a single pass of our collection vehicle. The system collects up to 1.4 million points of data per second at highway speeds, at ranges exceeding 100 meters. The point cloud produced by the system can be utilized to take 3D measurements of roadside assets, including width, height, and length, surpassing the measurement capabilities of 2D images.

  • Produces fully interactive three-dimensional model of scanned environment
  • Measures vertical and horizontal clearances of bridges and overhead objects
  • Allows for identification and extraction of a wide variety of assets
  • Is compatible with a wide variety of design applications including TopoDOT, Autodesk, Esri, and MicroStation

One of the strongest features of the 3D LiDAR dataset is the ability to perform measurements on both point and linear features. For example, the width and height of a guardrail can be measured, as well as its exact length, providing a measurement of the material that is out in the field. The LiDAR data is geo-spatially referenced, and when shown with GIS data the curvature of linear assets can be visualized, unlike the results of linear-referenced data. The point density of the LiDAR data is higher than what cameras can provide, which translates into better accuracy when taking measurements. Each point has its own unique X-Y-Z coordinate, allowing for both point-to-point measurements and the grouping of points, such as sign faces, into polygons to measure surface areas. The LiDAR data allows for the area of an entire pavement surface to be measured, along with the pavement type. This measurement can be performed for the entire infrastructure network, all in a single pass of the collection vehicle.

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