Airport Applications

Mandli provides a full range of data services to help airports manage their runways, including multiple types of pavement scanning, and foreign object detection. Runway scanning can be performed day or night, and at highway speeds, meaning no air traffic interruption and any time collection.


Airport Data Collection

Airport Data Collection

Mandli’s Airport Data Collection Systems collect a complete range of pavement testing data from a vehicle traveling at speeds up to 60 mph. The systems include a high-resolution transverse and longitudinal profiler, as well as a digital downward imaging unit. The collected pavement data provides full coverage on all airport runways and taxi-ways. Due to the fact that the systems rely on laser sensors, all data collection can be completed at night when the airports are closed or traffic is at a minimum. The data can be used to give accurate PCI ratings and can be integrated into an airport pavement management program.

  • Day or nighttime collection
  • Laser based systems
  • Consistent data collection in all lighting conditions
  • 100% pavement coverage of all runways and taxi-ways
  • All data collected with GPS
  • Data can formatted to fit any pavement management software

Foreign Object Detection

Foreign Object Detection

The foreign object detection (FOD) system uses high speed cameras, custom optics and laser line projectors to acquire both 2D images and high resolution 3D profiles of airport runways, taxiways and aprons in order to automatically detect even the smallest objects at highway speeds. The foreign object detection system can be operated both during daytime and nighttime, as well as under all types of lighting conditions. Sun and shadows, as well as various pavement types ranging from dark asphalt to concrete, can be scanned at inspection speeds from 0 to 100km/h. Depending on the configuration selected, an entire runway can be scanned in only a few minutes; automatically detecting FOD as small as 2 mm in size. Debris and GPS data is collected simultaneously and is analyzed in real-time. Alarms can be pre-set to trigger upon detection of debris of specific sizes or volume. Included software reports size, number and location data for each of the detected debris, thus allowing operations and maintenance personnel to quickly decide whether to remove individual threats or to proceed with a general runway maintenance program.

  • Detection of debris as small as 2mm
  • 24 hour operation
  • Automated detection
  • Safe and efficient operating speeds
  • Accurate GPS tagging of detected debris

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