Next-Generation E-911

During any emergency the demand for information is much greater than the supply available. Mandli LiDAR and imaging systems are valuable tools that can be used to create a comprehensive database for emergency planning and response. Fully interactive three-dimensional environmental representation, along with accurate GPS and synchronized panoramic images, can prove to be an invaluable resource when planning and responding to civil safety concerns.

When emergency police, fire, or health services are dispatched, the first concern is being able to find the correct location of the emergency. Mandli’s dataset provides emergency personnel with a more robust and detailed view of the public roadways than can be seen in traditional maps and aerial imagery. Dispatchers are able to alert responders to details such as the color of the house they are looking for, the location and condition of the nearest fire hydrant, and any environmental obstacles that they may encounter when arriving at the scene. By utilizing Mandli’s LiDAR, imaging, and positional technology, agencies can reduce response times, save resources, and help first responders avoid dangerous situations.

  • Quickly identify distinguishing location features, such as building color
  • Easily locate fire hydrants, manholes, and drains
  • Identify vegetation or other potential obstructions for responders


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