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Eau Claire County manages the assets along approximately 450 miles of county maintained highways. Assets the county manages include: signs, intersections, driveways, culverts, shoulders, pavement markings/striping, guardrails, curb and gutter, bridges, and road surface area, width, and count. Like many cities and counties, Eau Claire County faced an increasing need for accurate and reliable roadway data, while still maintaining a cost-effective solution.

Eau Claire County’s prior method for data collection was sending interns out into the field to collect information via windshield survey and geolocators. This information was then integrated into spreadsheets. For the purpose of asset management, this was an inefficient form of organization. The spreadsheet method provided limited functionality and produced data that could never be reprocessed or checked for quality and accuracy. With the data being considered questionable, it led to a low confidence in the data’s accuracy and went unused by the other departments.

The Mandli solution to this problem was providing Eau Claire County with county-wide coverage for 10 unique assets. To ensure Mandli provided a cost-effective solution we used the portable Maverick technology for 3D imaging and LiDAR collection. Maverick is a portable, powerful, and proven spatial data collection system capable of collecting data accuracy relative to ± 2 centimeters and is capable of recording objects within a 300-foot range. It also collects 700,000 points per second with each point given an X, Y, and Z coordinate. All data was collected with one pass and the whole county was collected in less than a week. This provided the county with an asset inventory in one cost effective and time efficient delivery, instead of giving them small pieces of data over several deliveries.

Mandli delivered images and a geo-database along with a full LiDAR point cloud to Eau Claire County. This gave the county engineers the opportunity to verify the data’s accuracy and be given the ability to go into the data and drive the routes from their computer anytime they wanted, without having to leave the office. The data is now verified as accurate and repeatable, and personnel across multiple departments have a strong confidence in using the data. This solution gives Eau Claire County the ability to be progressive and predictive when it comes to asset management on their county roads and sets the county up for a bright future in asset inventorying.

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