USPS Project

The United States Postal Service has entered into an agreement with Mandli Communications of Madison, WI, to conduct a pilot test using geospatial data collection technology. The test will capture data and images to determine where road and related infrastructure can be improved in Beaver Dam, WI.

Mandli Communications works with local governments to collect images of local infrastructure, including roads, lanes, traffic signs, signals, utility poles and more.

The pilot with the Postal Service will last one week. A device developed by Mandli Communications will be mounted on one Postal Service vehicle that will capture images during normal delivery operations. The device uses cameras, GPS and a light-based radar system that produces an interactive 3D image of the area. The information collected will be compared to data collected in the area by Mandli Communications in the past, to assess the quality of the geospatial data captured by a Postal Service delivery vehicle.

Personally identifiable information, like faces, bodies and license plates will be blurred or erased.

The pilot is consistent with the Postal Service’s commitment to use its unparalleled delivery vehicle network and existing infrastructure to help federal, state and local government agencies deliver quality services to their customers while generating revenue for the Postal Service.

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