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We encourage creativity and collaboration to deliver exemplary service and exciting new technology products to our customers. Our employees regularly take on new and exciting challenges. Conversation, discovery, and learning abound. Our open floor plan provides a comfortable, modern workspace that enables our teams to work together and drive change. Our staff is talented, driven, and radiate greatness every day.

Since joining the Mandli team, I have been privileged to work with extremely talented individuals. I am appreciative of the company’s friendly culture where the management team is very approachable and open. To me, Mandli Communications is a team-driven workforce with visionary leadership, and this combination allows us to adapt quickly and responsively to the changing needs of our customers. Personally, I have already benefited from the company’s support for personal and professional growth through internal and external training opportunities. Many companies talk about the importance of a work/life balance – at Mandli, I have experienced an amazing work/life balance.

-Kristen | Project Manager

I've worked at Mandli Communications for a little over three years now. In this time, I've gotten experience on a wide variety of software applications and GIS-related tasks, from managing SQL databases to creating and modifying shapefiles in ArcMap. I've also done extensive digitizing work using LIDAR and LCMS (Laser Crack Measurement System) data. Starting your career in the reduction department provides you with valuable entry-level experience working with geospatial data, which opens the door to further opportunities both here at Mandli Communications and beyond.  

-Tyler | Data Specialist

Mandli Communications is a great place to grow personally and professionally. One of the most important development opportunities Mandli Communications offers for its employees is Lunch & Learns. These are presentations where employees and experts in different fields speak to the company about how to improve and grow within Mandli Communications and in society. I enjoy Lunch & Learns because they are informative and inspirational. The employees are the most enjoyable part of Mandli Communications. They listen to my concerns, questions, and are very pleasant which makes me look forward to waking up and giving my all for them every day.  

-Joseph | Data Processor

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