Poor or inaccurate data can cause damage to vehicles and highway structures.

This is frequently the case with bridges and overhead structures. Currently, many organizations utilize manual methods to measure vertical and horizontal bridge clearances. Not only is this time consuming, but also costly and dangerous, compromising the safety of employees as well as passing motorists. There can often be a lack of confidence in data collected manually, so to err on the side of caution, clearances may be listed lower than they actually are. Overly conservative routing inhibits economic activity and can provoke unauthorized route modifications.

Mandli’s LiDAR system provides a far superior method to older collection practices. The LiDAR sensors collect a point cloud of data, scanning the roadway and surrounding environment. Mandli’s software analyzes the point cloud for bridge data and automatically extracts the vertical and horizontal clearance measurements. Our LiDAR system provides a cost-effective means of collecting this important dataset in a single pass at highway speeds, giving you confidence in your data and allowing you to plan oversized routes and issue the proper permits.

Vertical / Horizontal Clearance Diagram

Bridge Diagram

Advantages of Mandli Bridge Collection

  • Safe, accurate, and cost effective
  • Data collection in a single pass at highway Speeds
  • Multiple measurements on all lanes of roadway
  • Vertical and horizontal measurements
  • Bridge point cloud delivered in standard LAS format

Bridge Collection Data in Mandli Workstation

Bridge in Mandli Workstation
Bridge Deck in Mandli Workstation

Collection Specifications


± 1 inch


Dual 32-HDL, 1.4 million points per second




5 cm to 100 meters

Collection Speed

Posted highway speeds

Standard Deliverables

  • Vertical clearance measured on edge of pavement and each lane line
  • Lowest measurement detected anywhere along those lines
  • Horizontal measurements: NBI horizontal clearance and oversize horizontal clearance
  • JPEG image of structure
  • GPS and milepost location of each structure
  • Individual SIS sheet on each structure
  • Bridge deck attributes: bridge number, surface type, joint characteristics, approach slab characteristics, crack characteristics

Sample SIS sheets

Indiana SIS
Texas SIS

Client Testimonials

Mandli clearly stood above the rest in both usage of technology, product quality and availability. …Mandli’s attention to detail and customer service were superb. They are truly concerned with their customers’ needs and seek to exceed expectations in every part of the process.

Iowa DOT

Mandli has consistently provided accurate and timely work for TxDOT, and has exhibited a high degree of professionalism in all of our dealings with them. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Mandli into the future.

Texas DOT

All companies speak of the importance of customer service. Mandli epitomizes customer service. It has been a pleasure to be associated with Mandli and work with the many individuals of this company from the owner, project manager, business lead, and production managers.

Utah DOT

Project Experience

Bridges collection states

Since 2009, Mandli has measured over 35,000 bridge heights and over 10,000 overhead signs statewide in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin.

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