At Mandli Communications, we proudly provide high quality asset and pavement solutions while committing to minimize our negative impact on the climate. To accomplish this, we work every day to implement safe and environmentally sound business practices and foster a culture focused on excellent environmental performance. We follow through on this commitment by complying with sustainability laws and regulations, wisely investing resources toward managing environmental affairs, and training all employees in the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out their job in a safe and environmentally responsible way. The sustainability committee has placed the current initiatives in our policy: 

  • We purchase “Green” (i.e. recyclable, reusable, non-toxic, compostable, fair trade and made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials) supplies, products, and materials.  
  • We are eliminating the physical shipment of data drives to our customers. We  encourage hosting the data in the cloud. For customers that require physical hard drives, we are progressing toward making the drives and shipment containers entirely reusable. 
  • Clearly labeled recycling bins are placed around the building and next to trash bins with guides on what materials to recycle and proper preparation for recycling.  
  • Carpooling, busing, and biking are heavily encouraged. Our office is located near numerous bike paths. We offer bike racks for safekeeping and locker rooms with showers. We also advertise the nearby bus line to incentivize employees to use alternate means of transportation. 
  • To minimize the need for travel we offer remote work, online meetings, and flexible hours. 
  • Documents and long-distance communication are digital to reduce paper waste. 
  • For those customers that continue to need physical hard drive deliveries, we consolidate deliveries to eliminate excess waste. 
  • We utilize water-efficient toilets throughout our facility to eliminate unnecessary water waste.  
  • We are implementing a new training policy that calls for staff is to be trained on our sustainability policy during their orientation. Updates and reminders on the policy will be presented during the bi-weekly all company meeting.  
  • An extensive review of the sustainability policy is done on a yearly basis. 

We are continually looking for new ways to improve our sustainability efforts. Some notable projects on the horizon are:  

  • We will convert our collection fleet to electric vehicles to reduce emissions.  
  • We will install solar panels on the roof of our office.  
  • We will install EV charging stations in our parking area for employees with EVs to use.  

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