Maverick in Action

Learn more about every piece of Maverick and how they come together.

Maverick LiDAR data collected in Madison, WI.

Actuated Mount Installation: One person can quickly and easily attach a standard roof-top mount, secure Maverick to the mount, and initialize software for collection.

LiDAR and 360ยบ images collected by Maverick can be imported into Orbit GT's suite of Mobile Mapping software.

Discover the intricate process of applying the Maverick logo to each system enclosure.

Working with the City of Madison, Maverick collected LiDAR data on the Capital City Bike Trail to look for flaws in the pavement, encroaching plant life, and other assets.

Mandli used the Maverick when working with WholeTrees and the City of Madison to identify entire trees to be used in the construction of Festival Foods on East Washington in Madison, WI.

Sidewalk data is often difficult and costly to collect. With the Maverick on a Segway, the sidewalks downtown and around the capital building in Madison, WI are easily collected.

The Mandli team traveled to California to make a proposal suggesting the use of the Maverick as a source of original material to create computer graphics for the movie industry.

One of Maverick's early projects was helping the Wings of Dreams Museum transport a large space shuttle fuel tank to their facility. The goal was to make sure that the tank could be safely transported without coming into contact with any objects next to or above the roadway.

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