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Mandli’s Customizable Infrastructure Solution

Mandli's Consulting Services team is made up of experienced team members who work with cities, counties, airports, and state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) with their infrastructure needs. We work with each individual client to discover what customizable solution ensures they are getting the most use out of their data.

Mandli delivers practical and cost-effective solutions that can be modified to your unique needs.

  • Pavement Management
  • Cloud Hosting
  • ESRI Roads & highways
  • Federal HPMS
  • Data and Database Management
  • Set-up Validation and Testing Sites
  • Application Development

Pavement Management

Mandli provides both data and a system to successfully organize maintenance needs for our customers, ensuring budgets are spent cost-effectively and intelligently. Our consulting team works with the customer to develop a plan to manage their unique pavement system, whether it be for roads, highways, or airport runways. We can help with:

  • Pavement Condition Index (PCI)
  • Pavement Management Planning. We offer our proprietary management system, Plan for Every Section (PFES), and can also work with PAVERPASER, and other systems.

ESRI Roads & Highways

Proper data integration and continued communication between departments is key for all of our clients in ensuring a cost-effective solution. Esri Roads and Highways is a linear referencing system (LRS) solution to this challenge. It provides an ideal platform for DOTs, cities, counties, and Metropolitan Planning Offices (MPOs) to integrate data that may be housed in different departments or is located on systems that are not integrated.

As a premiere Esri partner, Mandli’s Consulting Services can help you:

  • Define where your different data sources are and how best to integrate them
  • Help move data from an older system into Roads & Highways database
  • Combine road data for every road from multiple local systems into one system
  • Convert data from different systems to make it accessible via the Roads & Highways system

Set-up Validation and Testing Sites

For states or agencies that need assistance with validation or testing sites, we provide assistance with the initial validation or test existing sites. Our Consulting Services team can help:

  • Set-up new courses and run the necessary tests to get repeatability, ground-truth, etc.,
  • Validate and certify existing test sites

Application Development

Mandli's Consulting Services team can help with your application development needs. Ensuring your data is available to you from anywhere, at any time. We can help develop:

  • Web-hosted Applications
  • Esri Applications
  • Data Applications

Cloud Hosting

A common challenge that our customers face is how to store their data for cheap while still making it accessible to their staff, as well as staff in different divisions of their agency. Storage costs combined with the complexity of managing department access means relevant data remains isolated to everyone but a core group of staff. Mandli Consulting reviews and offers advice on not only storage, but we also have the ability to help our client’s set-up Cloud storage when it makes sense for their organization.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting:

  • Cheaper and more convenient than managing the storage on your own
  • Without a dedicated IT Department, Cloud storage provides a solution that does not require associated maintenance and management costs
  • One of the biggest benefits of Cloud hosting is that you can allow multiple staff members and different departments access to the data
  • Web access and virtual desktops applications allow you to easily access data without the need to purchase and load software applications on individual desktop computers.
  • Mandli maintains all available version updates on the cloud setup, so you don’t have to spend time doing this on your computers.

Federal HPMS

Consulting Services can gather and prepare the necessary information to assist with your Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) submittal:

  • Extract and Format HPMS data for Full Extent and/or Sample Panel Sections which include most items from the following Data Item Types:
    • Inventory
    • Route
    • Geometric
    • Pavement
  • Apply Quality Control feedback and recommend corrective action for potential submittal errors

Data and Database Management

When agencies and departments already have information on hand, the next challenge is integrating the new data with the existing data in the most cost-effective way. Mandli’s Consulting Service can help. We offer guidance and develop plans on how to get the most out of your data so everyone in the organization is able to access it, view it, and use it for planning purposes.

  • Data Integration – bringing in newer data and converting it to fit into existing databases
  • Augmenting existing inventory data with newer inventory data, without discarding legacy information; a better way to maintain and manage asset and pavement information
  • Integration of data into business intelligence platforms such as Numetric, Esri Insights, Tableau, and so on.

For more information on how Mandli can customize a solution to fit your data needs, please reach out to one of our representatives for more information.


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