PFES Hawaii County


PFES is a data-driven approach to pavement preservation and maintenance. It helps prioritize road maintenance projects by recommending which roads or sections should be repaired and in what order. The recommendations are based on a variety of data inputs, allowing for a cost-effective and credible model for pavement preservation.

Lesson 1: Primer

Welcome to the County of Hawaii’s Plan for Every Section (PFES) for every Road. This video will introduce you to the basic concept of PFES such as filtering, sorting and exporting results from the various tabs available.

Lesson 2: Filtering

In this lesson we become familiar with filtering PFES data to select the most beneficial treatments from one district and saving this filter for future review.

Lesson 3.1: Worst First

In this lesson, we work within a fixed budget to select the top major rehabilitation projects in the network. We will also note the impact the treatments have on the condition of the roads and the number of miles that will be improved with this budget.

Lesson 3.2: Good Roads Cost Less

In the second part of lesson 3 we work within the same fixed budget as part one and compare the number of projects that can be done using only preservation treatments.

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