Mandli Communications is NCAT Certified for IRI!


Mandli Communications’ pavement technology is NCAT certified for IRI using Pavemetrics’ high-speed 3D laser pavement profiler (the LCMS). We are the first company to collect, process, and deliver passing results all in the same day for both the LCMS-1 and LCMS-2 technology!

Through joint efforts with Pavemetrics, we are very proud to announce that Mandli Communications received Profiler Certification for Dense Graded Asphalt (DGA)/Open-Graded Friction Course (OGFC) through NCAT. Over the weekend a team from Mandli drove our collection vehicles with the LCMS-1 and LCMS-2 down to the National Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University and officially passed NCAT’s longitudinal profiler certification program. This certification means we now meet the AASHTO R56 requirement per NCAT and are HPMS compliant.

Mandli is proud to have worked with Pavemetrics’ to achieve this industry milestone. Receiving this certification validates the LCMS-1 and LCMS-2 as accurate and repeatable inertial profilers that are an acceptable alternative to older profiler technology.

The LCMS Pavement Scanners are known for providing automated crack detection and distress classification across the entire width of the lane, in a single vehicle pass. IRI is collected with the addition of high-precision Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) to each of the LCMS sensors in order to measure and isolate the effect of vehicle chassis motion during the measurement of longitudinal profile.

Post-processing algorithms are provided to extract a longitudinal profile from LCMS data and to calculate IRI measurements from collected profiles. The results are equivalent to an ASTM E-950 Class 1 profiler, with the addition of offering 4,000 points of roughness measurement across a 4meter width, compared to traditional profilers which offer only point lasers in the wheel path or simple line lasers limited to 0.1m scanning width. This more repeatable and accurate IRI data gives Mandli greater confidence in the information we collect and proves more effective for guiding pavement preservation and improvement work.

LCMS certification further cements Mandli’s position as a leader and key innovator within the industry. Mandli’s mobile data collection solution to collect all information in a single pass represents a huge value and cost-savings solution to our customers” said Raymond Mandli, President of Mandli Communications.

Profiler certification is considered the ultimate test of pavement profiling equipment and is often required before a State DOT will permit the use of a specific profiler. Auburn University’s NCAT site is one of only three sites in the United States that has both the necessary facilities and the expertise to certify pavement profiling equipment.

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